AR Stormtrooper is a demo app that is designed to explore the possibilities of ARKit and SceneKit.

With iOS 11, ARKit, the Apple augmented reality library, is generating a lot of interests due to infinite - and playful - possibilities. SceneKit, the Apple 3d engine on another hand is a curious tool: very efficient but heavily relying on code and somehow different from Unity, to name one of the most popular 3d engine. So I had this simple idea to play with a Stormtrooper based on a complex 3d external asset and identify how it is different from Unity to work with such an asset in Scenekit.
problem to solve 
Display a 3d animated model in a real world view and make it interactive
this app is for
Just having fun with a stormtrooper in your living room, and for AR curious
Due to copyright, it won't end up on the app store, but I can send you a TestFlight invitation or you can download it on my Github:

Basically, the app analyze your direct environment with the camera, display a Stormtrooper and make it interactive. There's five different animated interactions and the model pivot to face you in any circumstances.

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