Digiteka provides a web video player for editorial websites.
This web video player includes optionals preroll ads, whose content can be managed by companies.

Today, users not only read on websites anymore, they also read on apps.
That's why they needed to create an iOS framework for they solution, to be present on each editorial media according the current market, and to have a user-centric solution.

This framework gives the brands app developper team a way to easily integrate the Digiteka JS web video player in an app.
problems to solve 
The framework existed in Objective-C with the old UIWebView, but due to iOS evolutions, they needed a new framework using WKWebView, in Swift and Objective-C.
this app is for
Digiteka clients, mostly editorial content brands (including Marie-claire, INA, AFP, Mondadori, Les Echos, orange, M6, and many others)

other projects

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