MH Arsenal is an app designed for Monster Hunter beginner players struggling with the complex crafting system.
problem to solve 
I wanted to provide help to beginner players who wants to be efficient and craft easily their equipment.
this app is for
Monster Hunter beginner players mostly, but is useful for experimented players who don't want to spend too much time in the crafting system.
prototyping & wireframing 
More Details 
Those familiar with the popular video games series "Monster Hunter" already know that crafting is an essential part of the game, there's tons of object to loot, and literally thousands of weapons and armors to craft.

Problems are :
- Too many possibilities and it can be a cold shower for all the new players
- Skills naming terminology doesn’t provide any information on the skills themselves
The point of this app is to go through the giant monster hunter database and help you make the best choice of weapon and armors, depending on your class, weapon type choice and your level.

I contacted a few people responsible for the main online database of the game (which is a huge reverse engineering work) and I get access to  "Gathering Hall Studios" database, which is very complete.

The main challenges here are UX / UI Design and having great performances querying the database through smart algorithms.
For now I'm still working on the UX / UI Design with another UX Designer.
Possibilities are endless, so we have to make some radical choices on this app to make it useful!
The first design choice that would allow us to be different than the online database is to limit the app audience to new players. The app role is to provide an easy help to the player who are starting their adventures in Monster Hunter X with the minimum knowledges requirements.

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